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2012 F&I Week: view on-demand

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Day 1

60 minutes

Creative Strategies That Drive Top F&I Performance

Win-Win F&I:

Providing a customer-centric experience requires new approaches to some of the timeless challenges of F&I. This session will explain why today's consumers appear so "sales-resistant" -- and how savvy salespersons can respond. It will also provide a fresh look at some of the "Do's and don'ts" of menu selling.

Fostering F&I as a Career, Not a Job:

The growing complexity of F&I is requiring dealerships to manage their top talent as professionals. This track will address the link between lower turnover and higher profit and put a spotlight on compensation plans that promote sustained excellence.

20 minutes

Product Showcase: Make a Lending Connection:
How Dealers Can Benefit From Credit Union Relationships

60 minutes

Show Me the Money

Turn F&I Trends Into Profits:

2012 is shaping out to be a strong year across the entire automotive retail market. Credit is opening up, lenders are expanding into new markets, and dealers are well-positioned to take advantage. Learn how anticipated trends throughout the rest of 2012 and into 2013 will impact your dealership and how you can adapt to maximize your F&I profitability.

Best Bets for Structuring a Deal That Will WOW the Lenders:

While lending has loosened since the recession, the changing finance landscape requires fresh thinking to stay ahead. This session will help F&I managers understand lenders' needs and spell out ways to structure a deal properly. It will also focus on smart ways to approach subprime lending.

Day 2

60 minutes

Dealers Share Their F&I Best Practices

Looking for solutions to your F&I challenges? Your peers have answers. Here's your chance to hear what's working at dealerships across the country and find out how to apply the ideas at your store.

20 minutes

Product Showcase: Create Happy Customers Who Return Faster
and In Better Equity Positions

60 minutes

Playing by the Rules –
Federal Regulation and Enforcement Workshop

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau –
What Dealers Need to Know:

Franchised dealers were successful in avoiding the CFPB's jurisdiction under the Dodd-Frank Act. Or were they? There are several avenues through which the CFPB can impact dealer behavior without regulating the dealership directly. This session will explore these avenues and help prepare you for what may be coming down the road.

Steering Clear of Deceptive Practices:

Are you driving toward danger or steering clear of deceptive practices? This segment will delve into trouble spots in auto finance and leasing ("We'll pay off your loan no matter how much you owe"; payment quotes packed with add-ons; sudden, "yo-yo" shifts in rate and terms) and explore topics from the FTC's roundtables on auto lending and related activities.

Day 3

60 minutes

Bringing a System to F&I Madness

Most dealerships have a system for selling cars. Many fail to apply a similar approach to F&I. As a result, they may be losing out on sales opportunities and irking time-sensitive customers at the same time. This session will explain how a "front-end" strategy for F&I starts with a properly structured deal on the car itself. From there, it will outline steps that will build trust, increase the amount of time for presenting products that fit customers' needs, and reduce the risk of legal exposure. In addition, hear a dealer's best practices for closing a deal.

60 minutes

Smart Phones & Mobile Tablets:
The 411 You Need to Connect With Today's Customers

The proliferation of smart phones and tablets opens up possibilities and risks for dealerships seeking to connect with tech-savvy consumers. Get a state-of-the-union report on the ties between F&I and mobile technology as well as an overview of emerging compliance issues. In addition, learn some best practices for mobile and tablet apps while gaining insight into how young consumers are embracing this technology - and what it means for dealers.